What's Included

High Achievers Don’t Get There BY Accident. They Follow A Proven Business Model Using The Cutting Edge Business Growth Tools That Are Provided To All Local Automation Coach Franchisees. Our experts have made 6 figure incomes per annum from this business model and it is now available to you to profit from.

Whether you are looking for a part time income of £3000 a month, or a 6 figure full time income Our franchise and proven system can help you achieve your goals and put you firmly on the road to financial freedom.

Therefore if you are starting a business you need to identify the KEY Elements and the Points of difference that make this opportunity the most unique.

LOW Initial Set Up

Who wants to pay Thirty or Forty thousand pounds for a business when you can pay so much less than that? This business offers ridiculously low initial franchise cost when you consider the profit margins available.

LOW Ongoing Financial Risk

Most businesses die because they cannot make a profit never mind break even each month.
One customer a month and this is plain sailing, the low ongoing costs ensure the business is profitable month by month even if you are running it part time.

(Break Even Point)

Many businesses never actually return the initial out lay returned for buying into the opportunity in the first place.Two customers and you are home and hosed….how about that?


The market place is massive and growing all the time, it is huge and you can attract business owners from all over the world and you have the branding and backing of industry experts in this field to enhance and build your credibility.

Low Ongoing Monthly Maintenance

Your only real monthly ongoing cost is the cost of marketing the product and service, your marketing budget, that is it.

Track Record

FEPS and the business have already proven themselves so the new franchisee is using a business model that works and is PROVEN.


Staff are expensive and have massive responsibilities and they can drown your business, this opportunity has been designed for one person or a couple to run it part time, if they should choose and still create great revenues.

No Stock  – No Delivery

FEPS is a product that is developed and delivered through online software, so all you need it access to the internet.

No Premises or Leases

You can run it from your computer at home or in fact from anywhere you want as long as you have access to a stable internet connection with a good broadband speed.…It is that flexible.

USP It’s tailor-made system is unique and it’s this approach as
to why it has been so successful

 Also querying should we have USP at the start of the sentence?

Respectable and credible product and brand

If you do not have this you are pushing S*** uphill from the start, let’s face it you want to represent a growing franchise brand with progressive products, that supports global marketing opportunities while creating an ongoing business that builds revenues and resale value for you and your family, you MUST find a respectable and credible product and brand.

The Honest Truth: Many businesses may manage to incorporate a few of these massive benefits:
These Key Elements and the financial and essential Points of Difference.

These are the magic ingredients that offer up not just a formula for success….but an actual recipe for success…

The Local Automation Coach offers all of the points listed…If you are not interested in this business that is OK…but make sure what ever you are interested in does incorporate as many of these as possible…you may even get lucky and find the set…who knows…or you can take the time to read this sections again…and think carefully about what this opportunity really does offer you…

We genuinely want to do all that we can do to support you and help your business become as profitable as possible. This is why we provide you with, what we believe to be the best business opportunity on the market today that not only includes everything that makes us stand out from a crowd, but also the following essential business tools for you to succeed:

FEPS University Access

Here you will find access to the proven marketing formula delivered by LAC. You will access it 24:7 and is where we will teach you fundamentals of our marketing methods

Hands On Coach Assistance 

 Our expert team will mentor you all the way through the delivery of FEPS to your clients and are always on hand to help you with different modules of FEPS if need be.

FEPS Qualification

All coaches are trained, on a proven marketing model and shown best practice to deliver results for your clients. All qualified coaches gain Qualification status to ensure the highest quality of the service offered.

Online Support For You Clients

 Our expert team who have developed FESP since 2007 are on hand to deliver regular online training and coaching sessions to you and your clients to add huge value to product you are delivering.

Marketing System

 We will show you proven marketing methods to identify your potential clients and. You will receive access to a marketing model that has worked time and time again – this is the holy grail of your business.

FEPS For Your Business

We will teach you how to use FEPS for your business growth, after all you are sharing a proven growth formula marketing method so you need to master it for your business to share with others.

Your Own Business Development Training

 Our training and  support team will help you build a profitable business. Having helped many entrepreneurs over the years, we know the obstacles you are likely to be faced with and we will always be on hand to assist you.

Account and Payment Administration

 One of the hardest parts of running a business is collecting money. Don’t worry, our payment system will collect payments on your behalf, leaving you the time to focus on delivering the FEPS coaching programme and attracting more clients.

1 To 1 Training And Support 

You will receive 1 to 1 training and support to help you grow a profitable and successful business. The better you do the better it is for everyone therefore we are always on hand to support you and assist you in achieving your goals.

6 Figure Sales Kit

You will be taught a sales method that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of pounds of sales revenue. Anyone can learn this method as we will show you how to convert your prospects into clients.

Train A Coach Programme

Here is where we will teach you how to deliver FEPS. To will learn our philosophy to success and why the FEPS system works for businesses.


 If that wasn’t enough you also receive:

  • Your own section of the Local Automation Coach website to promote.
  • Your own section to the ‘Members Lobby’ of Local Automation Coach
  • Full rights to promote and sell the FEPS
  • Full rights to promote and sell the FEPS  online digital course and self help guides provided by our marketing experts.
  • Full training and support to gain your Approved Coaching Qualification
  • Branded marketing templates
  • Your own Local Automation Coach email address
  • Red hot sales material that massively increase your chances of securing sales
  • Head office takes care of payment collection and assists with delivering the education programme
  • Customer order forms that are legally binding, that all your clients sign before they start to ensure your business is protected.
  • Branded business templates and customer management systems – all aimed to help you operate your business on a day to day basis
  • Access to your own dedicated franchise development officer
  • 1 to 1 training
  • Online training
  • Access to online support folders that can be accessed 24/7 and contains up to date information on how to operate the franchis
  • Training in:
  • Marketing
  • How to deliver FEPS
  • Business advice
  • Operational systems
  • Client relations
  • Standard of service
  • Company high growth business philosophy
  • Access to specific online workshops that are all aimed to help you and your business achieve success
  • Access to marketing experts that have made millions and will be on hand to improve your knowledge and your clients knowledge of the FEPS programme


We Believe That What You Receive Is The Most Comprehensive Set Of Business Tools Available In The Franchise Market Today And
It Is All Yours As Part Of Your Franchise.

Everything available here has been carefully selected to ensure you have all the know how you need to grow a successful coaching business in the marketing sector. This business model has worked time and time again for many years, and as this market continues to grow you can take comfort in knowing you will have access to a business that has huge growth potential.

The beauty of what is available here is that not only will you be delivering the programme, our experts (who have made over a decade of experience in delivering automation and persuasive marketing) will deliver regular webinars to you and your clients to really cement the fundamentals of the coaching programme you are delivering.

It really is a two pronged attack…

  •     – You deliver FEPS to your clients with our assistance
  •     – And our team of experts deliver the golden eggs on a regular basis to really hit home what you have delivering and coaching your clients.

These ongoing sessions will be run by experts that have had unbelievable success in assisting businesses achieve fast growth and for their owners to achieve their goals of escaping mediocrity and live the life they’ve always dreamed of.

It’s sometimes a lonely place learning operating a business online however with Local Automation Coach you have access to a network of entrepreneurs that are all committed to achieving fast growth for businesses by delivering FEPS to their operation.


There are 3 VITAL PARTS to your franchise:

Product Knowledge

– You are taught the key fundamentals of marketing automation and persuasive marketing and how best to deliver FEPS for your clients.

– Whilst your knowledge grows our team are on hand to deliver FEPS on your behalf.

  • You receive comprehensive training on how to deliver FEPS and once you gain your Approved Trainer Qualification you are set free to coach your own clients.
  • Don’t worry if you need assistance because our expert team are always on hand to assist you.


How To Attract Clients

– Our experts have secured thousands of pounds worth of sales revenue over the years. We will teach you proven strategies to help you develop a hugely profitable business from home.

  • You will receive a complete online sales and marketing system that you simply have to follow and implement, if you do that you will be astonished with how much business you generate.


Constant Ongoing Support

– You have 24/7 access to our online support material. In here you will find everything you need to operate your business, including, order forms, account and payment administration, company logos, marketing material, training webinars and much more.

– You will receive constant ongoing training, including the new franchisee training programme, to constant webinars, support material and telephone conferences to help you achieve success.

  • You have 9 – 5, Monday to Friday access to our experts to assist you with every aspect of your business. You can contact our team at anytime during these hours and they will always be on hand to provide you with the support you need.

As you can see we have provided everything you will ever need to operate a profitable business from the comfort of your own home. Therefore if you are hungry for success and looking for a proven system take action now and request a free information pack to find out what life is like running your own marketing coaching business.


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