What is Local Automation Coach ?

For the right person we believe it’s quite simply the best opportunity on the market today. Why? Because it’s an amazing business with extraordinary results, established track record with huge growth potential (even more now due to the Covid Pandemic) operating in a growing marketplace and one of the most lucrative in the world.

Since 2007 our experts have mastered marketing automation and persuasive marketing techniques to grow million pound companies and along the way have been recognised in prestigious business awards. Due to their own success in business growth they set up a marketing consultancy and coaching business in 2013 to share this proven formula to medium sized businesses and they have experienced first hand extraordinary growth and profits.

The key to our success, and what’s makes us stand out from a crowd is that the systems we provide businesses has achieved fast growth, here at Local Automation Coach, we refer to it as Fast Growth Persuasion System or FEPS for short.

FEPS has been implemented time and time again into businesses from 2013, and has achieved millions of pounds in sales revenue as it combines marketing automation, psychological profiling and persuasive copywriting to achieve significant growth for multiple businesses.

This proven business growth formula is tailored specifically to businesses aspirations and is delivered through a 1:1 consultancy service that has seen our consultants achieve 6 figure incomes.

This opportunity is available to individuals who have either run a business before or have a background in sales and marketing. The need for businesses to streamline their sales and marketing processes
University-style training

If you are looking for an opportunity to be your own boss, work from home, work part time or full time and choose the hours you work congratulations you have just found it. With part time monthly earning potential of £3000 net profit per month for the right person, we hope you are as excited as we are about this fantastic opportunity.

If you are a positive, motivated and ambitious person that is excited
about making a change please keep reading…

Marketing automation and persuasive marketing is a growing marketplace. The need for businesses to streamline their sale and marketing processes and reduce costs has long been a key area of focus, for business owners for years  – however due to COVID 19, with work forces unable to get to the office many businesses sales dried up, specifically those who rely on a sales team to sell their product or service – marketing automation and persuasive marketing can solve this problem. No longer do companies need to rely on large sales team and large sales overheads to generate new business, as marketing automation and persuasive marketing has proven to reduce these costs whilst increasing the bottom line.

With part time monthly earning potential of £3000 net profit per month for the right person, we hope you are as excited as we are about this fantastic opportunity.

If you are a positive, motivated and ambitious person that is excited about making a change please keep reading…

As customers we are already accustomed to this with the “automated telephone services” that large corporations use for managing customer service…. By introducing FEPS you can be responsible for implementing a proven system that has worked time and time again for increasing profits for companies.

Here at Local Automation Coach we provide you with key elements to share with businesses to aim to achieve business growth, by learning FEPS you will gain a great insight into how to provide these consultancy services to businesses in your area.

Our training is provided through a University style-training programme delivered by our team of experts at www.localautomationcoach.com, everything you learn will allow you to consult and coach your clients from the comfort of your own home. We will show you how to attract businesses such as those featured at Local Automation Coach and provide you with a clear sales and marketing strategy for you to follow.

The beauty of this business is that it truly is a global business, meaning you can attract clients from all corners of the world. Our experts have provided marketing consultancy here in the UK as well as Australia, America, and Cyprus, as the service available can have extraordinary benefits for businesses that are looking for fast growth.

As the need for marketing automation and persuasive marketing is booming you can take comfort in knowing that your business has huge growth potential.

LAC is a work from home opportunity and this means thanks to the all tutoring, training and coaching is all provided through our state of the art online training platform, you should never have to leave your home to deliver the service to clients.

The key to our success has been the individual 1:1 coaching and consultancy sessions…. which is great news for you as you can schedule your sessions at a time to suit you and your client – allowing you the opportunity to operate your very own marketing coaching business when you want to. This business opportunity can be operated part time or full time it is entirely your choice.

If you are excited as we are about the opportunities that are available here, you probably have one burning question….

Is this for you? We appreciate this type of business won’t be for everyone, we have a stringent recruitment process here at Local Automation Coach to ensure those we award the business to are the right people we are looking for.

Therefore to find out if you have what it takes to operate your very one marketing coaching business in a growing marketplace click here.

6 Figure Incomes Available

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There is stacks of information in this pack that can answer all of your questions regarding life running your very own marketing coaching business.
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Our Experts Have Worked With Many Businesses


“We were able to grow our client base through automation marketing. Not knowing how this worked to start with we were slightly skeptical however over a near 2 year period we fully appreciated the value marketing automation creates.”

Mario Perischino


“We started work with Convertz as we had limited sales and marketing experience. They were able to show us first hand how to grow clients through marketing automation and have grown our client base over the last 12 months.”

Justin Fowler


“The team at Convertz secured millions of assets under management for our financial business from 2014 – 2017. The marketing automation strategies they deployed were the fundamentals to your businesses success, allowing us to sell the business in 2017 .”

Allan Foulkes